Safari Activities in Tanzania


Rush to Safari has gone the extra mile for you so now we can offer you an incredible set of activities to satisfy all tastes. You can participate in our volunteering programs and help the Masaai and local communities with their schools and hospitals, or collaborate in our project to maintain their indigenous way of living by replenishing livestock to those families who lost it. We are proud to provide the icing on the cake with our luxury activities as horseback riding Safari or Hot Ballon adventure over the Serengeti.

Lion on the plains of Serengeti
Two big elephants crossing the path our jeep

   Enhance Your Safari Experience


 So what types of activities are available ‘on safari’?

We have gather the best set of activities in Tanzania. Our objective is to provide you with a great range of experiences and make the best of them. In Rush to Tanzania we thrive for delivering a special Safari experience with the little things that make life thrilling and unforgettable.

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Driving Safari

Our vehicles provide a perfect perspective and flexibility to experience a large number of incredible experiences in a comfortable manner.

Visiting Tribes

Ancestral dances, way of life and dress style. We invite you to engage with the local tribes and see first person how a normal day is in the  Tanzanian wild.

Riding Safari

Feel like a pioneer riding on a horseback among zebras or gnus and enjoy one of the most exciting and unique adventures in the world.

Walking Safari

The purest way of Safari, our guides will provide hints to learn about tracking and explain you animal behaviours in the wild. No better way than on foot!


Collaborate to relocate families who lost their livestock or in schools, hospitals, or community groups and keep the Masaai Knowledge alive.

Hot Air Ballon

Get the big picture and take a privilege perspective floating in a hot air ballon over the stunning Serengeti. An amazing activity to add to your Safari