About Rush to Tanzania

We are a small company that prides itself on tented adventures and once in a lifetime experiences for our guests.

Rush to Tanzania story short

A local and modern Safari Tour Operator that combines the Knowledge of local guides and communities of the Tanzanian wildlife environment with a professional approach focusing on excel our guest experiences.

Rush to Safari is locally owned by Loserian and Solomon. Loserian is a Masai, born in the Ngorongoro Conservation Area and brought up in the African wilderness. His excellent knowledge of the area and skills took him towards the path of wildlife protection, he became a ranger in the Ngorongoro protecting the highly targeted Rhinos from poaching.

His experience goes beyond imagination, he has guided impaired or handicapped guests through the African wilderness and made the experience unique. Loserian’s saying is “the best we can offer is a real experience”

After years working as a Ranger, Loserian realised that most companies were not local and most of them offer a standard approach based on mass tourism, forgetting the real value of a Safari. Almost 10 years ago the dream became a reality and we founded Rush 2 Safari as local alternative to the big and expensive tour operators.

The other half of Rush to Tanzania’s heart is Solomon, a Meru born in Arumeru in the slopes of Mt.Meru and Mt.Kilimanjaro. In 2012 he obtained his license as guide and Kilimanjaro has been his loved office since. In his early age he used to have close relations with porters and guides, and this help him develop home growing community feeling together with a incredible passion for hiking and climbing. 

Since he started as a porter, years has passed by and today Solomon is a reputed guide in Kilimanjaro and Meru. His dedication to these mountains have made him be loved by the locals and as well by our clients. His contagious smile and easy going personality, together with his professionalism, experience and knowledge have turned him into the right person to climb mountains, enjoy adventures, and create great memories. 

And here we are, ready to help you find what you’re looking for!!

elephants of kilimanjaro
Incredible view of Tarangire
Incredible view of Tarangire
A stamp of giraffes from Tanzania

In the depths of the wild!

Our mission is to dedicate ourselves to help people to fulfil dreams to see and enjoy african nature and wildlife. We help you to enjoy a lifetime experience through our advised or tailor-made safaris.

When you come to Tanzania, you want something else than seeing animals from far away. You want to get the most out of it. That’s why we do more than take you to the parks. We help you to understand the interactions between wildlife, we show you how they they really live, little tricks for tracking different animals or how the locals differentiate the birds by their sound or shade while they fly. We guarantee you’ll be impressed when our local guides mimic the sound of dozens of birds.

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zebras observed by tourists from the car

Rush to Safari Team

Our guides are among the most reputable experts in wilderness skills

We deliver our Safari services for Tanzania from the heart of Arusha. We manage all your Safari details directly from our office in Arusha, which is always open for you at any time of the stay for anything you need. The goal of our team is to make sure your stay is comfortable and your experience unforgettable.



Loserian Tanzania Safari Tours Guide

Loserian Laizer
Founder – Manager Director & Guide

A Masaai chief, Loserian grew up among the rich wilderness of Tanzania. He worked as a Ranger in the Ngorongoro Crater protecting the the wildlife and the forest of the Northern highland. As a Ranger he was in charge of protecting the highly endangered black Rhino and Elephants from poaching. Nobody knows their habits and to track them as Loserian.

Guido Rush to Tanzania guide

Solomon David Mbise
Co-Founder – Financial Controller & Expert guide in Kilimanjaro

Solomon has been Licenced as Full route Guide in Mount Kilimanjaro on 2012. Since then he has climbed Mount Kilimanjaro more than hundred times, using all routes: Lemosho, Machame, Marangu, Rongai, Shira, Northern Circuit and Umbwe. Solomon is a real expert when it comes to climbing. For the case of trekking Mt. Kilimamjaro you are safe with us.

Guido Rush to Tanzania guide

Gido Panday
Guide & Our Expert in Land Cruiser

Gido is a guide with more than 16 years of experience in the industry. He loves to talk about the different vegetation and flora of the Tanzanian environment. It’s impossible to get bored with him, he always tells funny stories of his childhood or about his many stories he’s lived throughout his extensive career. He’s a magician mechanic, he can fix anything.